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Q & A: When Should I Book My Flowers?

A question that I get asked a lot - with sola wood flowers and most of our greenery being "everlasting" - when should I book my flowers?  My response has changed over the years - after working through seven wedding seasons, I have a better grasp on when things start to get a little crazy over here, how long specific types of greenery are going to look their best, and I've learned more storage tips!   I usually want to say "As soon as possible" - this, admittedly, is because I like to have things planned out.  The earlier you book, the sooner I can take a look at my schedule and see how things looking for the year -...

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Update 3/17

I am not the best at keeping up with a blog, but I will try to update here with any important information!  I'm currently booking for weddings July and later - my schedule is crazy right now, so I apologize if it takes me longer than 24 hours to return any correspondence!  I promise I'm working crazy hard to get everyone their flowers 3-4 weeks in advance of their event AND answer any inquries!  This will get you 10% off of anything on the website through the 19th.  First 3 customers only.  Non-custom orders only.  :)  Happy St. Patrick's Day! Loose flowers will continue to be added as I find new types that I haven't seen offered other places...

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Welcome to the start of something beautiful.  Here I will post upcoming events we will be attending, new items, and other useful information!  Maybe we'll do a tutorial or two.  Thank you so much for visiting!   Afton Stout My Dinosaur Dreams

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