FAQs and Policies

What are sola flowers made from?

Sola flowers are made from the pulp of tapioca trees, typically! They are very lightweight, moldable when wet (but can be smushed when wet also!), and beautiful. Each flower is handmade by a crafter, so each is a unique work of art! As such, each flower will vary slightly in appearance - some may have bark spots from being a tree (these are minimal, unless they are a bark flower!) and some may be shaped differently.

Are the flowers fragile?

Yes. I take great care in handling and shipping to keep your flowers safe and beautiful. Natural colored flowers have a lot more give and are less fragile. Typically, the darker the color, the more fragile the flower may become. The dye changes the texture slightly. They are sturdier than you might think, however! If you have any questions at all or would like to order sample flowers to make sure sola flowers are right for your wedding, please don't hesitate to contact me! I am always happy to help and only charge shipping for a couple of sample flowers. (Dyed samples have an extra fee.)

A few of my flowers broke during shipping, but my order is otherwise wonderful. What can we do?

First - please let me know! :) I'm always trying to better myself and I appreciate when people contact me via messaging first so that I can help! I almost always try to include a few extra flowers - in your colors or un-dyed- in the event that just a flower or two is broken. This way you have the option to try to replace it - I am always happy to help with advice on how to do so! If the edges of the flower are just chipped, i recommend cutting carefully with a scissors to even out the breakage and a tiny bit of paint in a similar shade (mix with water!) will cover it right up. My goal is always to get your flowers to you in excellent condition, but due to the fragile nature there are sometimes casualties. :) I always appreciate you

What colors are available?

I custom dye each order and can typically get pretty close to most colors. Due to viewing from different screens, colors may vary slightly. As each batch of flowers is custom dyed, shades may vary slightly.

Do you send pictures of items as you put them together?

Yes. Most custom orders will get at least a few pictures - often during different stages of things being put together. I provide proofs free of charge - up to a certain point. Please don't abuse this policy - I want you to be happy with your items and I love showing you what you are getting. After 3 changes, proofs and changes will incur a $5 charge. This policy is to help me keep things under control - obviously if something is not right with your order as I am working on it, I am going to fix it for you!

If your order is not custom, you may not receive a picture.

How do you ship these fragile items?

I use double wall boxes for most bouquet orders - especially those that are traveling a long ways. I will -always- recommend using priority shipping to get your items to you as quickly and with as little human touch as possible. Each box is packed as carefully as possible - in order to keep things from shifting around, I do have to pack things somewhat tightly, which may cause a little flattening. Babies breath will need to be fluffed after your order arrives - and in some cases I include extra, just in case. To give your bouquets the room they need to stretch out and prevent any flat spots, please remove them from all packaging as soon as possible and store them upright in an vase or jar until your event date.

What's included in your shipping quote?

I always recommend Priority shipping for the safety of your items. My quote for shipping will include a small buffer to make sure I have estimated weight and size correctly, cost for insurance and tracking if not Priority, and a small buffer for shipping materials - as I use heavy duty boxes to get your flowers to you safely, they cost almost $3 per box.

If you're concerned about shipping cost, please ask for a quote. Shipping will be added to your final invoice.

Sizing details

Currently, I measure by diameter and in inches. I typically have a 5 inch, 7 inch, and 9-10 inch size available for most styles. I am happy to send pictures to show each size if you'd like - I'm working on getting a listing up with sizing. :) I can also do custom sizes up to 12 inches - just message me to discuss!

What order do you do orders in?

How soon I will get to your order depends on a few different factors. If you are ordering a custom item, you likely have already spoken with me and I know the date you need your item by. I work through orders by date required/requested. If you order and do not let me know when you need it or have a certain date you'd like it by, I sneak it into my schedule where it will fit - this is why my processing times vary greatly. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a question about my timeline - I do my best to accommodate every request.

Care instructions

When you receive your items, I recommend carefully unwrapping and removing each item from the box. Bouquets do best if stored upright in a vase/container to prevent any flat spots from occurring. I am happy to give tips on "fluffing" any flowers that may seem to be a little smushed from shipping! A little bit of water and gentle repositioning does wonders. :)

If you have any questions, please refer to my policies or contact me! I am always happy to help!


Shipping Policy

Our production times are currently displayed at the top of each page and in your confirmation email.  If you have any questions about shipping times, please reach out - I am happy to advise on a rush order.  Items are typically shipped in 4-8 weeks during wedding season.  I ship with either UPS Ground or USPS Priority and shipping averages 3-5 days for delivery.  You will receive a tracking number for your order.  Once your order has arrived, please open your boxes and check your items.  Please contact me with any issues within 7 days of receiving your order so that I can help you.  

 What if you are unable to complete my order due to unforeseen circumstances (such as a medical emergencies and natural disasters)?


My policy is always to work with my client to come to a satisfactory agreement!  If I am unable to complete your order due to a medical emergency, you will be refunded (less any products already completed/received).  If a natural disaster occurs that effects either me or client, we will work together to either work around or refund as necessary.  I always want my clients to be happy and get what they need - when they need it.  If I am unaware or your event date, this policy is null and void - please make sure you communicate your needs to me.

Return Policy