About us

Hello!  This business started as an outlet for me to get all of my creative energy organized and to help support my family!  It has since grown into the main support for our family and moved into a brick and mortar building where I work to create custom and non-custom floral pieces for weddings, gifts, funerals, and other events.

I strongly believe in good communication and human kindness. I promise you that I want you to be happy with your choice to let me be a small part of your wedding. I do my very best to create what you are envisioning and hope you will do your best to give me clear instructions and ideas.

I absolutely love that this is where my life has brought me and I hope to continue in this vein for years to come!

Each piece is created per order - even though my wooden flowers and preserved/faux greenery will last for years, I believe that your flowers look best when they're freshly put together for you.  To book me, I required a 50% retainer - the balance is due prior to pick up/shipping.  I have been custom coloring and matching flowers for seven years - I use a mix of acrylic paints and can also get colors matched to swatches - most of my matching is done by me custom mixing your colors, but you are welcome to visit a paint shop and get a swatch that matches your colors and I will order in the paints you request.

I am a single human being who works to create these items! I appreciate your patience and support! My husband and son love getting to see your flowers as I create them and they are my inspiration and support.  :)

For weddings, I make boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets, flowerballs, centerpiece flowers, hair accessories, and arbor decor.  If you have a custom request, reach out!  I love getting to do new things!

As most of what I use right now is handmade, excluding some dried floral items, you are getting a unique item every time! As such, I may not be able to recreate your inspiration pictures exactly, but will do my best to get the same feel and beauty that they have.  I use eco-friendly wooden flowers and prefer to use dried/preserved greenery and filler when I can.  I have a large variety of options that I would be happy to discuss.  

I believe that your wedding should be beautiful and unique and (dare I even say it?) an easy process to plan! Let me help you. :)

If you would like to contact me, my email is: mydinosaurdreams@gmail.com

If you have questions about placing a larger wedding order, don't hesitate to reach out - most of my pricing is "ala carte" but I do have flat rates for boutonnieres/corsages on full bridal party orders.  I'm excited for what each new wedding season brings - thank you for being here!