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Q & A: When Should I Book My Flowers?

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A question that I get asked a lot - with sola wood flowers and most of our greenery being "everlasting" - when should I book my flowers?  My response has changed over the years - after working through seven wedding seasons, I have a better grasp on when things start to get a little crazy over here, how long specific types of greenery are going to look their best, and I've learned more storage tips!


I usually want to say "As soon as possible" - this, admittedly, is because I like to have things planned out.  The earlier you book, the sooner I can take a look at my schedule and see how things looking for the year - and it also gives me time to source items for your order, if you're wanting something custom!  I love having time to look for new filler and greenery that will work well with your vision!  This also benefits you - pricing can fluctuate, and with the craziness of the last couple of years, things definitely shifted up a bit.  I try not to adjust pricing unless I have to, but there's always a point where I eventually have to change it.  I love getting inquiries for later dates! - but my pricing info might not be relevant if you're planning to book a year or more later.


My standard answer has been 12-16 weeks in advance - this doesn't feel very accurate anymore for custom orders - I usually need a good bit of time to work things into my schedule and get anything ordered in that we need (shipping has definitely gotten better since the pandemic began, but I still worry!).  12-16 weeks is good for non-custom pieces - or pieces minimal customization.  


My new answer for custom orders seems to be 20 weeks - this ensures I have plenty of time to get you into my schedule, find items I need to order, send over proofs, etc.  This number is just my preferred timeline - depending on the year, the order, and several other factors, I might be able to work with less time!  So always reach out to inquire - I almost always try to accommodate rush requests because I know things have been difficult to plan and life has been weird!  


I'm now booking August 2022 to December 2023 for custom orders.  If you need a rush order, use the contact form to reach out and I will do my best to work with you.  I appreciate all of the 2023 brides who have reached out and/or booked!  (2022 brides, I appreciate you too - this year has been weird and I wish less stress for you!  And all of us. :)  )


There are lots of new items being added as I try to shift most of my business to my website!  It's been a weird few years, but I am excited to work with all of my current clients, potential clients, and clients who haven't found me yet!  


if you're looking for a day of coordinator - reach out - I am starting to get into more wedding work and would love to help you on your big day!  I'll be giving introductory rates this year as I ease myself into it.  And, as always, I will be making so so many bouquets.  :D




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