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Ivory Mum Sola Flower Bouquet

$ 65.00

This gorgeous, natural ivory with hints of grey sola bouquet has a beautiful, realistic look! Beautiful sola chrysanthemums, silver brooches, and large pearls all come together to make this bouquet a stunning addition to any wedding. Shown with the handle wrapped in satin and sparkles, this can also be wrapped and twine and lace for a more rustic feel!

Pictured is the 10 inch bride bouquet. 

These flowers are stunning and you can keep them forever! Once your wedding is over, just put them in a pretty vase and display them for everyone to see. Sola flowers are made from wood pulp, typically of tapioca trees. They are light, soft, and very versatile! If taken care of, they last virtually forever. Do not get sola flowers wet. Store out of direct sunlight, as this tends to fade colors.


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