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Blue Sunflower Bouquet, Sola Wood Flower Bouquet, Summer Bouquet, Dark Blue Flowers

$ 55.00
This bouquet features beautiful golden yellow sunflowers and navy blue flowers, accented by several types of greenery and eucalyptus. Sunflowers are airbrushed with accent colors and each wooden flower is unique as they are hand-made.

Pictured bouquet is 10 inches in diameter.

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**Sola Flowers**

*Sola flowers are hand-made from a soft wood (similar to balsa) and as such, each is unique! They feel similar to thick, spongy paper. You may see some bark spots or natural small holes - these are made by nature and are not pervasive.
*Sola flowers will last virtually forever! Keep a piece of your wedding (or re-purpose the flowers in new arrangements!)
*The flowers are very lightweight! Our heaviest bouquets weigh only a few pounds
*I can match colors to your wedding swatches - this works best if you provide a swatch for me to have in person - but I can do a close match from pictures as well. Message me to discuss customization!
*To keep your bouquet looking lovely, keep out of direct sunlight and out of high humidity areas. To clean your bouquet (if it gets dusty!), I use a can of compressed air - this easily removes dusty and debris without hurting the flowers. :)

**Bouquets are made to order, unless otherwise noted, and are non-refundable**

More information on my process and what to expect can be found in our FAQs.