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The Afton Special

$ 125.00 $ 125.00

Do you like my work?  Do you trust me to create something beautiful for you?  Do you want to save 20% on a premium bouquet?  This is it.  

You tell me your color scheme and I'll create a beautiful bouquet just for you - at my discretion.  You'll get a premium 7 or 10 inch bouquet that includes premium flowers and filler made just for you at a discount price!  You just have to trust me.  ;)  (I promise it'll be pretty.)

You will still receive a picture when I ship, however, this item is non-refundable, sold "as-is", just for you.  :)

Handles will be wrapped in dried grass and lace or twine.

Pictures show other premium bouquets I offer - these are in the price range of what you will receive.  

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